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Student Advising Appointment Tutorial

Welcome To The Student Advising Appointment Online Scheduler Tutorial Section

The Student Advising Appointment Online Scheduler allows student to schedule an appointment with the Computer Department and an Adviser online.

The Online Appointment Scheduler requires an active campus toromail email to be able to gain access

Quick Video Tutorial

Home Page

The Home page introduces you to some of the available advisers and requirements

The Home to continue into the Login page you may click the "Login" button on the top right of the page or the "Start Login" button in the middle of the page

Home Page Image

Login Page

The Login page asks you for your student toromail email to send you the automatically generated password and redirect you to the Password page

It will only accept emails with toromail.csudh.edu
Login Page Img

Password Page

The Password page will verify that you recieved the password that was sent to the toromail provided to the previous page

The easiest way to input your password is to copy and paste the password from your email
Password Page Img

Search Page

The Search page allows you to view all the available appointments by searching for an appointment using three options to search for appointments: Adviser , Date, and Time

When searching for Appointments you can search either using a single option (Adviser or Date or Time) or a combination of options (Adviser and Date or Date and Time or Adviser and Time) or all options (Adviser and Date and Time). You can also leave all options blank and you will be able to see all available appointments

Once you have searched for an appointment using a combination of search options or no search options the available appointments will be displayed in order by date and then by time

Once you have found an appointment you would want to schedule you just click on the Select button for the one you have chosen

Search Page Img Search Page Img

Scheduling Page

The Scheduling page shows you the Adviser name, date, start time, and end time of the appointment you have chosen.

Below your appointment information the scheduling page asks you to input your Full Name, select your major and track if applicable, input your student ID number, and input your phone number

Once you have entered all the information you can Schedule the appointment by clicking the Schedule Appointment button or if you chosen the wrong appointment you can click the Cancel button to go back to the Search page

Scheduling Page Img

Logout Page

The Logout page show you the appointment information that has been scheduled or any error messages if the appointment could not be scheduled and also asks you to logout to complete the scheduling process.

Logout Page Img